University Of Gour Banga


Professor Biplab Giri
Registrar (Additional Charge)
University of Gour Banga,
Mokdumpur, Malda-732103,
West Bengal, India
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Registrar’s Voice : University of Gour Banga has been an academic home to thousands of students and scholars since its establishment in 2008 and is further continuing development to be an institution that excelled both in academic performance and research. With a number of PG departments and degree colleges under this university, it has grown in leaps and bounds with a vision to endow quality education and facility for the improvement and the upliftment of all its students. The manifesto of our University lies in the development of manpower to build professional capacity and human resource and to meet the needs of the students and employees through placement opportunities. For this, highly qualified and skilled faculties equip our students with the best to prepare them for future challenges.

In the coming years, we are looking forward to social equity within our university and maintain an ambience of peace, harmony and unity among the members of this institution. Our challenge remains in developing better infrastructure that would facilitate innovative research opportunities which will be beneficial to the society and incorporate modern teaching techniques and accommodation for the students.

We believe that our efforts will certainly widen our alliance and communications by paving a way for collaboration with other research institutions and industries.

We are deeply committed to university’s growth and development and indebted to our strongest assets including our students, scholars, faculty members, officers, staff and other respected stakeholders for their sincere cooperation and support.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the members for their esteemed efforts in making the achievements of this university in terms of UGC 12(b) affiliation, NAAC accreditation and overall development so far. It’s our belief that we can accomplish much more through more dedication, determination, honesty, unity and focused hard work, and so we must.